The Road Podcast with JT Habersaat

The Road Podcast kicked off in August of 2014. It is intended to capture the stories and adventures epitomized by the nomadic life of a touring standup comic – namely, Altercation Punk Comedy Tour headliner JT Habersaat.Far from a run-of-the-mill studio interview setting, The Road will document just that – dispatches from the van and destinations around the country – complete with you-are-there tour story insanity, in-depth conversations with comedians, musicians and other artists that matter, exotic excursions such as shark diving and snake handling, behind-the-scenes reports from national festivals and much, much more. Oh, and also booze. Lots of booze.

New episodes hit every Tuesday and Thursday! For tour dates, merchandise and more info on Altercation Punk Comedy Tour or JT Habersaat, please click here:

Thanks for listening and hope see you on the road.