Mar 16 @ 7:30 pm Hotel Vegas
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Mar 23 @ 7:30 pm Hotel Vegas
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Mar 30 @ 7:30 pm Hotel Vegas
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Apr 6 @ 7:30 pm Hotel Vegas
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Apr 13 @ 7:30 pm Hotel Vegas
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Apr 13 @ 8:00 pm Hotel Vegas
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Apr 20 @ 7:30 pm Hotel Vegas
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Apr 27 @ 7:30 pm Hotel Vegas
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May 4 @ 7:30 pm Hotel Vegas
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May 11 @ 7:30 pm Hotel Vegas
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May 11 @ 8:00 pm Hotel Vegas
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May 18 @ 7:30 pm Hotel Vegas
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Black Elevator

Sign up at 6:15pm.[...]

Bob Khosravi

Bob Khosravi created this event to promote Bob Khosravi at Cap City Comedy Club. Thursday July 27[...]

Bounce House

You know, Charlie used to own a horse. It was a big old horse, too. Named him Biscuit. Now when the [...]

Brass Tax

A weekly comedy show with a wide varay of comics discuss their opinions on current events, behaviour[...]

Brass Tax

We've got another awesome show lined up this week at The Gatsby! Brass Tax is a no holds barred stan[...]

Brixton Comedy Hour

Wow! It's been a whole year now since we've started the Brixton Comedy Hour! It's been a blast, and [...]

Buzz Kill

Outdoor comedy in the lumberjackiest venue in Austin.[...]

Buzz Kill

Outdoor comedy in the lumberjackiest venue in Austin.[...]

Buzz Kill

Buzzkill is back for another week of hot STANDUP COMEDY from some of the best in town! Arielle No[...]

Chortle Portal

Whaddup Chortie P! We got a classic basement stand-up showcase line up this week, featuring: Rob [...]

Clique Bait

We're back for another month of Austin's freshest standup comedians on it's best after hours standup[...]

Comedy Cock Fights

SPONSORED BY SAD MEN FOR LONELY WOMEN Our first Comedy Cock Fights show was a success. And that w[...]

Comedy Ninjas

This Friday is our second show at the Blackheart on Rainey Street. No Cover, Best Cocktails in town,[...]

Comedy Wednesdays

Cosmic Cowboy Comedy Fest

WHERE MY OUTLAWS AT??? Come on out to Spiderhouse Ballroom and help us celebrate the memory of our f[...]

Evil Friends

Evil Friends Stand Up Comedy Showcase at Buffalo Billiards (201 E. 6th St.) this Friday at 9:30 pm! [...]

Fair Trade Comedy Showcase

A new showcase featuring some of the newest original voices in Austin stand up comedy, located at Ca[...]

Fair Trade Comedy Showcase Vol. 6

The Fair Trade Comedy Showcase is a monthly event at Caffe Medici across from UT. Comics do jokes ma[...]

Fierce Mild

A stand up comedy open mic. Sign up at 10:30, show at 11.[...]

Fierce Mild

Sign-up at 7pm.[...]

FPIA 2015 prelims

These are the 230 people who paid the entry fee. Some of them will be funny enough to make it to the[...]

FPIA 2016 Prelims

Look at all those comedians who used to have an entry fee burning in their pockets. Click here fo[...]




GOOD VIBES at Adelbert's Brewery is back tonight baby! 8pm FREE with great comics Arielle Norman Jer[...]


Live stand up comedy at one of Austin's finest brewery's. Show starts at 8pm. Free. Hosted by Joey Z[...]

Ground Floor

Guys, Jered McCorkle and I couldn't be happier for the debut of our first stand up showcase at Hotel[...]

Ground Floor

The third installment of GROUND FLOOR kicks off with these amazing comics! Don't miss this one becau[...]

Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Guns and Giggles Comedy Show

Comedy at a gunstore? Check! Wait you've never been? Come on over and check out Austin's most unique[...]


This show is HUGE and it's FREE, and the beer is great! Join us in the taproom for a stellar lineup![...]

I'll Leave You With This

In the Gutter

Dirty Comedy Contest 16 comics compete to be favored by 3 judges 1st Prize: Money 2nd Prize: [...]

In the Treehouse

EXTRA SPECIAL SHOW THIS WEEK: 2 reasons. 1) It's the one year anniversary of the show 2) Christina P[...]

In the Treehouse

This week's headliner is Brian Zeolla, and am excited as hell. He has toured all over this torn coun[...]

In the Treehouse

Stand up comedy at it's finest with one of Austin's funniest and kindest headlining, the main man An[...]

Independence Comedy

If you're anything like us, 2016 has been pretty godawful, but we're ending it the right way, with a[...]

Kappa Sigma Chuckle Bucket

Austin comics return to Southwestern University for the third installment of this comedy showcase. T[...]

Kappa Sigma Chucklebucket

Austin Comics invade Southwestern University! Presented by your host Jered McCorkle, a diverse and t[...]

Kick Butt Standup


Hey yall, hope you are having a good day. Just wanted to check in and tell you about our siiiick lin[...]

Nite Howl Comedy Show

We are so excited to announce this new comedy showcase happening at Red's Porch on South Lamar on Tu[...]

Off Script: Director's Cut

Director's Cut means comics get to do the material they feel they can't do anywhere else because the[...]

Off The Grid

An outdoor comedy bash featuring some of the best local stand up comedians Austin Texas has to offer[...]

Off the Grid

The second edition of the OFF THE GRID COMEDY BASH hosted by Andrew Cooksey and Taylor Dowdy. Showca[...]


  Every third Thursday of the month we'll bring you a slew of funny people for free.[...]


We are very excited to be showcasing the extremely talented Katie Pengra, host of Buzz Kill comedy o[...]


SANDBOX with Rob Gagnon: Passionate. Creative. Comedy. Rob Gagnon creates comedy that people like[...]

Shit's Golden

Catch the first Shit's Golden show of the new year with an all new fresh line up featuring some of t[...]

Stoned vs Drunk vs Sober

Tickets to SvDvS at The New Movement in Austin, Texas on Friday October 28th: http://bit.ly/2ew7Bas [...]


SURE THING is an independent comedy recording and production label in Austin, TX. Our FREE show is e[...]

Tap Room Comedy

Silas Harper and Trace Holt are putting on a Comedy Showcase every Wednesday night! A lineup of 8-12[...]

The Damn, Dirty, Filthy Show!

Holy n-word! Abby and Martin are back to fill that big gaping hole in your lower back! If you're lik[...]

The Pre Game Comedy Showcase

Stand-Up Comedy night is back at Apanas Coffee! We're excited to be presenting a group of amazing co[...]

The Pre-Game

The PreGame and Apanas are bringing stand-up comedy to South Congress! The PreGame brings the best e[...]

Tight Ship

This round of Tight Ship is on Presidents' Day, baby! Celebrate the closure of banks and government [...]

Wrap Up

  Hey buddies! Wrap Up is a brand new stand-up comedy show for north Austin. Each week, your[...]
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