The Banter Show

Fri October 13 2017 - 11:00pm ~ 11:59pm @ Velveeta Room ( Show map)

The Banter Show

NYC’s The Banter Show has come to Austin. Hosts Ximena & Mac Blake invite pairs of comedians to entertain – armed only with their unrehearsed on-stage banter. Throughout the show, random topics will pop up on a monitor to keep that sweet, sweet banter flowin’ – and it’s all going down at The Velveeta Room.

This month’s show features:
-Aaron Brooks (Six Shooter)
-Avery Moore (The Joke of Painting)
-Brett VerVoort (Leading the Blind Podcast)
-Carina Magyar (Ready. Set. Go Nuts.)
-Derek Kopswa (Turnt)
-Elizabeth Spears (Funniest Person in Austin Finalist)
-John Merriman (Inside Joke)
-Joe Hafkey (Moontower Comedy Festival)
-Nick Saverino (Low & Inside)
-Ralphie Hardesty (Bridgetowne Comedy Festival)

Part of the Velv’s Friday Pop-ups series. $10 at the door.

The Banter Show was created by final girls Scotland Green and Alison Zeidman.