Tue November 15 2016 - 10:30pm ~ 11:00pm @ Fallout Theater ( Show map)


SANDBOX with Rob Gagnon: Passionate. Creative. Comedy.

Rob Gagnon creates comedy that people like. In the past three years he has produced The One Hour Comedy Festival, F*cked Up Show and Tell, Eulogized, and STONED vs DRUNK vs SOBER, a show that Laugh Button celebrated as one of the 9 Most Unique Comedy Shows in the Nation. The Austin Chronicle called Rob “One of Fun Fun Fun Fest’s most intriguing prospects.” His work in short film has been honored by the Texas Independent Film Festival and he will be featured in an upcoming issue of GQ Magazine. But more than anything, Rob wants to do everything.

In his weekly show, Sandbox with Rob Gagnon, the confines of a format have been lifted as Rob puts on a new, fearless hour every Tuesday at 9pm. Having a history in the local sketch/improv/stand up scene allows Rob to feature some of the cities best comedy minds doing anything but traditional stand up and improv. Sandbox gets performers to reach beyond their comfort zone where some of the greatest work is discovered.

Sandbox is spaghetti thrown at a wall, the stuff that sticks and the stuff that falls to the ground. It is unafraid of the new and exciting. It’s experimental. It’s comedic indulgence. It’s the first half of Conan O’brien, before the interviews. It’s the parts of Adult Swim that you can’t believe they put on TV except it’s live and interactive. Sandbox features about a dozen fast paced segments each week. An interview with a porn star? Live video game overdubs on the projector? Absurd three minute game shows? Yes.

Get involved in AUSTIN’S NEWEST MUST SEE COMEDY SHOW, Sandbox with Rob Gagnon. Every Tuesday at The New Movement in downtown Austin. Free Parking/9pm/$5/BYOB.

Twitter: @SandboxATX