PART TWO: Unnecessary Sequels

Sat August 12 2017 - 7:30pm ~ 8:30pm @ Fallout Theater ( Show map)

PART TWO: Unnecessary Sequels

PART TWO: Unnecessary Sequels, America’s most popular movie sequel game show!

Welcome to the world of competitive movie pitching! In PART TWO: Unnecessary Sequels the contestants pitch sequels that absolutely do not need to happen to real industry judges who will give them real industry feedback! The audience decides the winner!

12 pitches. 6 contestants. 3 judges. Only 1 takes home the prize!

Hosted by Malia Moss!

Guest judges Jazmyn Moreno & Amanda Renee!

Contestants: Yusef H Roach, Robyn Reynolds, Isaac Marquez, Brett VerVoort, & Cambria Sobolewski

Presale Tickets $7