Off Script

Fri December 8 2017 - 9:00pm ~ 10:15pm @ Fallout Theater ( Show map)

Off Script

Off Script is the only show where we take six of Austin’s best standup comedians and then allow and encourage you to heckle them. With prizes for the best hecklers and free drinks and homemade pizza (sponsored by That’s Real Comedy) for all, it’s also the best deal in town.

-Evan Cassidy (LA – he’s been on TV and shit)
-Bigg Nez (Boston)
-Emily Howell (of Nite Howl and Independence Comedy)
-Burton Johnson (of Led Balloon)
-Ky Krebs (of Spitballin’)
-and John Buseman (of Hamburgers)

Off Script is the only comedy show where you’re not only allowed to heckle the comics, you’re supposed to! Come force five of Austin’s best comics out of their heads and on their toes by yelling out your thoughts on their Thanksgiving/immigration/wild fires/general misanthropy jokes!

December 8th – 9PM – The New Movement – $5 – Free drinks, pizza and prizes from the mystery bag for the best hecklers of the night!

Get there early and sit up front!