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Sat October 29 2016 - 7:00pm ~ 7:30pm @ Taos Cooperative

Chortle Portal

Boo! Chortle Portle is back this week with an ooky spooky line-up, including several people recovering from recent possesions by molevolent spirits, like:

Allison O’Conor (AlliSON O’SATAN)

Chris Tellez (Chris HELLez)

and more TBA (terrifying blood arachnid)

and of course local halloweenies, Andrew Clarkston & Andrew Dismukes as your hosts!

So come on down, grab a brewskie and some free candy* this Saturday @7 in the old Taos Basement (definitely haunted) and laugh away the fear!

*Candy will definitely contain razor blades, syringes, and whatever else Dateline says.