Barrio Daze

Thu September 14 2017 - 8:00pm ~ 9:30pm @ Institution Theater ( Show map)

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Barrio Daze

In Trump’s America, minority communities everywhere are under attack.

In “Barrio Daze,” the ‘hood strikes back.

Following the sold-out success of “Gentrif*cked,” the Latino Comedy Project presents Artistic Director Adrian Villegas’ critically-acclaimed solo comedy “Barrio Daze.”

Set against the backdrop of a tumultuous national election, “Barrio Daze” is a sprawling and irreverent one-man tour through a single day in the barrio.

In its God’s-eye-view of barrio life, Villegas brings to vivid life a gallery of nine unforgettable characters ranging from a hopeless panhandling borrachón (drunk) to an unlikely Chicano U.S. Senate hopeful.

On a fateful Election Day, the diverse lives of “Barrio Daze”‘s characters overlap and collide in surprising ways, culminating with the outcome of a heated Senatorial race between a well-funded, rabidly conservative good-‘ol boy politician and the inspiring grass-roots campaign of a humble Chicano school teacher.

Other “Barrio Daze” characters include a sage yet amusingly quick-tempered Tex-Mex bus driver; a clueless burger-flipping high-school drop-out; a hard-working undocumented immigrant; and a culturally conflicted Hispanic “coconut” in the employ of a prominent right-wing politician.

“Barrio Daze” mixes cultural humor and pointed social commentary for a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud funny portrait of Latino life in America, ultimately offering a message of uplift to a community under siege.

In “Barrio Daze,” hope comes to the ‘hood.


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