Brimstone Potluck

Holy hell y'all, it's been a real dog-shit year. Mercifully, the abyss is coming soon to swallow 201[...]


Come join us at the Vortex Lounge on Thursday night 1/12 for a free standup comedy showcase featurin[...]

Greetings, from Queer Mountain!

45 months ago we started on this journey up Queer Mountain, and we're still going! This month we'[...]

Laugh Out Proud

Whether you’re straight, LGBTTQACIP and/or whatever else you want to label yourself, it’s time to en[...]

Laugh Out Proud

Laugh Out Proud is a monthly stand up showcase featuring the comedy stylings of the queer community.[...]

Laugh Out Proud

We are back to roll out the laughs in 2017! And just in time too... This month we have: Adam S[...]

MOUTHING OFF: Lipschtick Edition

It's not about feminism or equal time. It's about recognizing there is a huge pool of talent in Aust[...]


Smile More! is the feminist standup comedy show that’ll have the audience smiling, but not because s[...]

Stand Up Queer

Time to let our funny flag with a showcase of LBGTQ comics bringing the LOL. They're here, they're q[...]

The "I Know Tom Booker" Show

Tom Booker, Artistic Director/Grand Poobah of the Institution Theater, brings together two nights of[...]

The "Where is Tom Booker?" Show

The "Where Is Tom Booker?" Show hosted by Chris Collings Friday, July 8th at 8 pm - Only $5! The[...]

Whores Night Out

Brently Heilbron, a seasoned comic veteran and the leader of The Institution Theater's stand-up prog[...]
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