Brimstone Potluck

Holy hell y'all, it's been a real dog-shit year. Mercifully, the abyss is coming soon to swallow 201[...]

Brimstone Potluck

2016 is in the cosmic garbage can, and 2017 is here! With the dawning of the new year, the time to s[...]

Buzz Kill

Buzzkill is back for another week of hot STANDUP COMEDY from some of the best in town! Andrew Cla[...]

Buzz Kill

Buzzkill is back for another week of hot STANDUP COMEDY from some of the best in town! Avery Moor[...]

Buzz Kill

A weekly outdoor stand-up showcase originally started By Katie Pengra. Recently passed down to local[...]

Central Comedy Club

Join us for Central Comedy Club, hosted by Chris Collings. The FREE, family-friendly comedy event fe[...]

Central Comedy Club

Join us Friday the 23rd at 8pm, for Central Comedy Club, hosted by Jon Fortenbury. This FREE, famil[...]

Date or Die

Blind dates, live on stage, no preparation, no escape plan, and the audience votes for which couple [...]

East Side Comedy Night

Hello comedy fans, we're doing it again this month at The North Door. That's right, another East Sid[...]

Fair Trade Comedy Showcase

The Fair Trade Comedy Showcase is a monthly event at Caffe Medici across from UT. Comics do jokes ma[...]

FPIA 2016 Prelims

Look at all those comedians who used to have an entry fee burning in their pockets. Click here fo[...]

FPIA 2017 Prelims

Look at all those comedians who used to have an entry fee burning in their pockets. Hosted by Dan[...]

Good Set



Another huge FREE show is coming to the taproom, with some of our favorites! Cody Greenlee Brent[...]


FREE comedy to go with your favorite beer! Every single Thursday! This week's lineup is just too del[...]


Every Thursday at 8, Hops and Grain pours the beers while Austin's finest bring you FREE comedy! T[...]

I'll Leave You With This

WOW! From Brooks, A to Brooks, Z, "I'll Leave You with This" is shaping up to be one amaaaazing line[...]

Independence Comedy

So excited for this month's show! Spring is in the air, craft beer is on tap, and this fresh and fun[...]

Judge Dean

So...what IS this thing?? Ever watch Judge Judy? Or The People's Court? Same shit. Judge Dean will "[...]


Live@Coldtowne is one of the longest running stand-up comedy shows in the city. Originally started b[...]


Attention friends and fans of Live at Coldtowne, we have a wonderful show for you this Friday. We ar[...]

Manager's Pick Showcase

MK Paulsen & Friends

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND I'LL CRY ON STAGE IF I WANT TO! The lovely folks at Cap City Comedy Club hav[...]

Nite Howl Comedy Show

We are so excited to announce this new comedy showcase happening at Red's Porch on South Lamar on Tu[...]

Nite Howl Comedy Show

GOOD MORNING! Hopefully everyone was swept away by the majesty of the storm last night? Sweet. You k[...]

Off Script Presents: Heckling Aloud

That's right, you know that great dick joke you just thought of while the comic is doing their set? [...]



Rumrunners is excited to present Matt Sadler, titan of the Austin comedy scene. Matt is a many time [...]


It's been a rough week, and we all could use a laugh. This week on Rumrunners we have Derick Fields,[...]

Stoned vs Drunk vs Sober

Tickets to SvDvS at The New Movement in Austin, Texas on Friday October 28th: http://bit.ly/2ew7Bas [...]


SURE THING is an independent comedy recording and production label in Austin, TX. Our FREE show is e[...]

The Banter Show

NYC's The Banter Show has come to Austin. Hosts Mac & Ximena Blake invite pairs of comedians to [...]

The Damn, Dirty, Filthy Show!

"Say hello to my little balls!" Folks, it's that time of month again: Martin and Abby both get thei[...]

The Panel Show Mother's Day

With Leni Mex, Virgil Shelby, Patrick Neese, Chris Levi, Annie Tadvick, Meredith Barnes, Mike Lazorw[...]

The Pre-Game

The PreGame and Apanas are bringing stand-up comedy to South Congress! The PreGame brings the best e[...]

The Toyota Lopez Show

Daniel Webb hosts Austin's most talented entertainers for an extraordinarily special ***ONE FUN NIGH[...]
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