8:00 pm
Kick Butt Coffee
Open Mic @ Kick Butt Coffee | Austin | Texas | United States
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9:00 pm
The Buzz Mill
Buzz Kill @ The Buzz Mill | Austin | Texas | United States
A weekly outdoor stand-up showcase originally started By Katie Pengra. Recently passed down to local comedy heartthrobs Allison O’Conor and Devon Walker. This show features some of the best comics in town!Share this:EmailTweet
9:00 pm
The Rusty Cannon Pub
Cannonball Comedy Hour @ The Rusty Cannon Pub | Austin | Texas | United States
Welcome to the Cannonball Comedy Hour at the Rusty Cannon Pub. Join us for this once a month FREE! Comedy Hour with some of Austin’s BEST Comedians with Hosts Ivan Garcia and Cuzin Berto NO other show offers this amazing
9:00 pm
Indian Roller
Comedy Shoe @ Indian Roller
This is the debut of a new standup comedy show in south Austin at Indian Roller!! We got an amazing lineup for you! Featuring your local favorites Danny Goodwin, Pat Sirois, Elizabeth Spears, Zac Brooks, Mitch Mekulsia, and David McQuary!!
9:00 pm
Kappa Sigma Fraternity Haus
Kappa Sigma Chuckle Bucket @ Kappa Sigma Fraternity Haus | Georgetown | Texas | United States
Austin comics invade Southwestern University in this monthly showcase located in the Kappa Sigma fraternity house and hosted by Jered McCorkle. The comics put on a hell of a show and the students learn an important lesson about why you
9:30 pm
Dog & Duck Pub
The Pub Down @ Dog & Duck Pub | Austin | Texas | United States
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10:30 pm
Mr. Tramp's
Party Weekend @ Mr. Tramp's | Austin | Texas | United States
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7:30 pm
Hotel Vegas
Fierce Mild @ Hotel Vegas | Austin | Texas | United States
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8:00 pm
Hops and Grain Brewery
Gutbusters @ Hops and Grain Brewery | Austin | Texas | United States
Every Thursday at 8, Hops and Grain pours the beers while some of Austin’s finest bring the laughs! This week’s lineup is killer as always! Kat Ramzinski Arielle Norman Carlton Wilcoxson Jeff Smith (Boston) Andrew Orolfo (San Francisco) Joey Avery
Thursday Night Tightrope - Indie Night @ Institution Theater | Austin | Texas | United States
This FREE SHOW is hosted by Red Handed and will feature an improvised performance from: Norman Tran Ellen Pizarek Brad Geiger Sue Jordan Nithesh Kurella Tatiana Jitkoff Rachel Creason COACH: Wyatt Tall ALONG WITH improv comedy from your hosts: Red
9:30 pm
Gordough's Downtown
Banter with Bogart @ Gordough's Downtown | Austin | Texas | United States
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10:30 pm
Anderson Mill Pub
The Late Mic @ Anderson Mill Pub | Austin | Texas | United States
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7:30 pm
Finite Jest @ Cenote | Austin | Texas | United States
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8:00 pm
Austin Java Barton Springs
In the Treehouse @ Austin Java Barton Springs | Austin | Texas | United States
There are some comics that have that special something, and Jt Kelley is one of those comics. He’s returning to the Treehouse once again to headline. You might have seen him hosting the Two Knights show at Sound on Sound
9:00 pm
Brave New Books
Conscious Comedy @ Brave New Books
Conscious Comedy at Brave New Books is back! Are you tired of comics doing nothing but juvenile dick and fart jokes? Then come to Conscious Comedy at Brave New Books. We feature comics talking about fighting the system, maaaan! We
7:00 pm
Taos Cooperative
Chortle Portal @ Taos Cooperative | Austin | Texas | United States
Whaddup Chortie P?! This week we’re gunna show y’all some extra Valentine’s love with a great line-up! Featuring: Carton Wilcoxson Jeff Smith Zac Brooks And more! Featuring your hosts, Andrew Clarkston and Danny Goodwin! Plus a special guest as the
8:00 pm
Austin Java
SURE THING @ Austin Java | Austin | Texas | United States
This week Carina Magyar (Fun Fun Fun Fest, Crossroads Comedy Festival) headlines SURE THING, with Nick Saverino, SF’s Andrew Orolfo, and Rhode Island’s James Creelman. FREE COMEDY, doors open 7:30 Saturday at Austin Java Parkway.Share this:EmailTweet
9:00 pm
Love Goat
Open Mic @ Love Goat | Austin | Texas | United States
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The Damn Dirty Filthy Show @ Nasty's
Comedy that doesn’t give a fuck made by people contemplating suicide.Share this:EmailTweet
And Another Damn Open Mic @ Nasty's | Austin | Texas | United States
Sign-up starts at 10pm, during Damn, Dirty, Filthy Show.Share this:EmailTweet
5:00 pm
Coldtowne Theater
All Ages Improv Jam @ Coldtowne Theater | Austin | Texas | United States
In addition to family friendly performances, each show features an Improv Jam. Performers 18 and YOUNGER are invited to join us on stage to create some spontaneous hilarity. Austin’s only regularly scheduled improv show designed to give young improvisers the
6:00 pm
The New Movement
Student Union Improv Jam @ The New Movement | Austin | Texas | United States
Come one, come all! Student Union is TNM’s open improv jam where we invite students to come play with classmates, faculty, and folks from all over! Put your name in the jar and the host will make teams, then the
8:00 pm
Institution Theater
Rubber Room Improv Jam @ Institution Theater | Austin | Texas | United States
Does getting on stage drive you mad? Is this idea of jumping in front of a crowd of people with no idea what you’ll say an insane idea? Would you find it crazy to join seasoned professionals at creating characters
8:00 pm
The Highball
Truth, Lies, Fantasy @ The Highball
Robert Segovia (San Francisco Sketchfest) and Caitlin McNally (Hell Yes Fest) are hosting a new storytelling show called Truth, Lies, and Fantasy. It’s a cool twist on the traditional storytelling show. They take storytellers from all over the Austin music,
10:00 pm
Coldtowne Theater
Improv Jam @ Coldtowne Theater | Austin | Texas | United States
Every Sunday night at around 10:00 we host an open improv jam at the theater. That means that you have a regular weekly time to come meet people, hang out, and get some reps in so your improv muscles look sick
10:30 pm
Mr. Tramp's
Skylark Open Mic @ Mr. Tramp's
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7:30 pm
Parlor Room
Drink Up! @ Parlor Room | Austin | Texas | United States
A FREE, booze-themed Stand-up Comedy showcase every 1st and 3rd Monday at The Parlor Room in Austin, TX. —Lineup for Feb. 20th Show— Jared Hawley Danny Goodwin Lisa Delarios Nick Saverino Avery Moore Cody Greenlee & Joe Hafkey!Share this:EmailTweet
8:00 pm
Stompin Grounds North
Maturdebator @ Stompin Grounds North | Austin | Texas | United States
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8:00 pm
Little Woodrow's Southpark Meadows
The Slaughterhouse @ Little Woodrow's Southpark Meadows | Austin | Texas | United States
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8:00 pm
Stompin' Grounds
Tight Ship @ Stompin' Grounds | Austin | Texas | United States
This round of Tight Ship is on Presidents’ Day, baby! Celebrate the closure of banks and government offices the right way, with some good, old-fashioned jokes! Lineup for Feb 20: -Devon Walker (George Strait concert tee enthusiast) -Nikita Redkar (Also