A Very Special Special with Rob Gagnon

Rob Gagnon is a gem, a delight, and one of the funniest people any of us have ever met. We're so exc[...]

Bounce House

Bobby won a cap gun at the carnival. I told him I didn't want him playing with it in the house. We w[...]

Brimstone Potluck


Buzz Kill

A weekly outdoor standup showcase originally started By Katie Pengra. Recently passed down to local [...]

Chortle Portal

A weekly comedy showcase hosted by Austin comedy sweethearts Andrew Clarkston and Andrew Dismukes.[...]

Chortle Portal

CHORTLE PORTAL IS A WHOLE YEAR OLD! Wowee wow!!! Join the whole gang for a night of giggles and cel[...]

Clique Bait

We're back again this month wiith a whole new lineup of comics! As always we're at the whimsical Ins[...]

Comedy Night

We are back with a new show for you and I can tell you that you are gonna hate yourself if you miss [...]

Date or Die

Three randomly thrown together couples get on stage and have a blind date in front of an audience wh[...]

Fair Trade Comedy Showcase

The Fair Trade Comedy Showcase is a monthly event at Caffe Medici across from UT. Comics do jokes ma[...]

FPIA 2016 Prelims

Look at all those comedians who used to have an entry fee burning in their pockets. Click here fo[...]

FPIA 2016 Semifinals

Look at all those comedians who used to have an entry fee burning in their pockets. Click here fo[...]

FPIA Fabulous 50

Join us tonight for FPIA Fabulous 50! 8pm/$7- hosted by Bryan Gutmann from Comedy Central & Just[...]

Good Time

A weekly comedy showcase hosted by Michael Good. Saturdays at 11pm @ Strange Brew in South Austin. $[...]


Live stand up comedy at one of Austin's finest brewery's. Show starts at 8pm. Free. Hosted by Joey Z[...]

Ground Floor


Free comedy to go with some of the best beer in town! Start your weekend early with Hops and Grain a[...]


Hops and Grain brings you the best beer in town, and we have a FREE and AMAZING lineup of comedians [...]

I'll Leave You With This

WOW! From Brooks, A to Brooks, Z, "I'll Leave You with This" is shaping up to be one amaaaazing line[...]

In the Treehouse

Derek Phelps is the man telling jokes in the Treehouse this week. Everytime I see this guy perform h[...]

In the Treehouse

This comedy show is the single most important thing I have ever created, and it's all thanks to each[...]

Jorp Fest

stand up comedy festival hosted by the man, the myth, the legend: Jorp Timpkins (https://twitter.[...]

Kappa Sigma Chucklebucket

Austin comics invade Southwestern University in this monthly showcase located in the Kappa Sigma fra[...]

Kelsey and Martin Go Long

Kelsey Caine and Martin Urbano have borrowed the keys to Schtick for an evening! With a few of their[...]

Live at Coldtowne

Austin is home to some of the most talented and original stand-up comedians in the country. A staple[...]

Sad Trombone

60 minutes of sorry comedy. No womps given.[...]

Sauced Comedy

Shit's Golden

Monthly showcase hosted by Chris Tellez and Pat Dean.[...]

Stoned vs Drunk vs Sober

"One of the 9 most unique comedy shows in the nation" - Laugh Button 1 Stage, 3 States of Conciousn[...]


SURE THING is an independent comedy recording and production label in Austin, TX. Our FREE show is e[...]

The Damn, Dirty, Filthy Show

We hate to see you go, and we hate to watch you leave, ugly! Cum say bye as Martin hosts his final D[...]

The Snake Pit

Are you feeling down? Do you need something special to happen in your life? Then the Snake Pit is ju[...]

Tight Ship

Swab your deck, gather your fellow able-bodied seamen and come on out to Tight Ship, a new stand-up [...]
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